While we at Triple S take every care to ensure your part reaches you in the best quality condition, it will assist your assembly if you carry out the following checks prior to starting:-

  1. Inspect the parts for any transport damage.
  2. Double check that all holes (threaded or plain) are clear and free from paint.
  3. Remove edge build up of paint around plain holes, this may be too much to allow fitted bolts etc to pass through cleanly. Gentle use of a small round file will solve any potential problem. (Don’t forget to mask off any awkward areas first to protect the paint from filing action).
  4. Remove paint from any electrical earth points. (Action now will prevent hours of tearing your hair out later). After assembly apply a little smoothrite or similar paint to prevent rust forming in this area.
  5. On occasion some parts exhibit a slightly Smokey film over the parts. This is caused by remnants of oil and grease from within inaccessible area’s of your parts (inside frame tubes etc) getting hot while in the oven. No problem, a simple polish with a good wax polish and soft cloth will remove this completely.
  6. Before you get the tools out, wrap plenty of rags or newspaper around the frame to protect it from possible damage from falling tools or parts (especially the bottom rails).
  7. Always use new washers under bolts and nuts to ensure a good grip and protect paintwork.

Should you come across any problems that we have not covered, please share them with us so that we may take preventative measures or inform future customers.

Remember, your satisfaction is our satisfaction and we welcome feedback and pictures of your completed project.