Triple S offers a range of services to restore automotive parts and frames, these include Powder Coating, Ceramic Coating, Sand Blasting and Bead Blasting. We offer a variety of standard finishes and colours as well as bespoke premium colour matching options.


Powder Coating

Powder coating is the modern alternative to old-fashioned stove enamelling. A dry powder, electro statically charged and sprayed onto an earthed item (customers component). Due to the electric charge, the powder is attracted to the earthed component and wraps around the part giving an all over, even coat depth of paint. The coated component is then placed within an oven for a given length of time at a specific temperature to cure the paint leading to a superior glass like, gloss finish.

Triple S prides itself on the fact that over the years it has perfected its techniques and procedures to give you a perfect flat finish (no orange peel effect). We prepare the product to exacting surface finish standards by gently removing old paint, rust, varnish etc without damaging your precious part. The preparation like all jobs is the key to the finished result.

Prior to masking, parts are inspected for damage and cracks etc, at this stage minor damage will be corrected by welding (often free of charge) but heavy problem areas will be referred back to the customer for their input. Stripped captive nuts can at this stage be replaced but only if you tell us which ones.

Our knowledge of the parts and their function allows us to mask all area’s that should be paint-free. A correctly coated component is easy to assemble having no over spray and no paint where it should not be. Spray coating of the component is the next step and here again Triple S uses only the best powders on the market to ensure the quality that you demand.

All finished parts are inspected (prior to bubble-wrap packaging and despatch) to ensure our high quality standards are not compromised in any way. Whilst most of our work arrives via carrier & post, we do welcome personal calls from the customer.

Choose any colour you want from our standard range of non-metallic, metallic and candy colours, even fluorescent. Should you wish to have a specific colour matched outside our standard range this can be accommodated for a premium to cover one-off powder purchases.